Roland td9kx2 For Sale As New – BOXED

Roland TD-9KX2 V-drum Kit  *As NEW* in original Boxes PLUS Upgrades (For Sale)

Dear Fellow Drummer,

You need a serious drum kit for practicing your art. Something that looks and feels the part.

You know acoustic kits are great but they just can’t offer you the flexibility, versatility or variety that you’re looking for right now.

An acoustic kit takes up too much room, it just isn’t portable enough and it makes too much damn noise for your home situation…

But you still need the feel of it, with graded notes and realistic sound with drum-skin like tactile rebound depending on just how hard (or soft) you want to play.

The alternative?

You can have an Electronic-kit that ticks all the boxes in sound, look and feel – for practicing, recording and gigging at a fraction of the floorspace / transport footprint.

Who needs a van when you can fold your kit in to the back of a car?

But what kind of e-kit can get you those clean defined strokes?

Well you could go could out and drop £5,659.00 on the top of the range electric kit from Roland, the TD-30KV. It comes with more settings and functions than you could shake a (drum) stick at / ever use in your lifetime.

But I hear you. That’s some serious coin you don’t want to spend right at the moment… and why bother?

That’s overkill for 95% of us.

If you’ve been browsing for an e-drum kit in a more reasonable price range then one option you might have considered is the TD-25KV from Roland.

It comes in at £2,089.00 (Pedals, throne, sticks and hi-hat stand not included) but you know, when you add all that extra – but absolutely essential equipment up, perhaps that’s also a little more than you’d like to spend.

Maybe you could stretch to it BUT what if you didn’t have to?

What if there was a halfway point?

Like a kit with realistic sounds, that real drum feel and aesthetic appeal that says “I’m serious”.

Something with virtually all the bells and whistles of the TD-25KV? But at a fraction of the cost. (Leaving you more cash to spend on other nice things).

Well, you may have found exactly what you need right here on this page.

Enter the Roland TD-9KX2 V-drum Kit – an upper mid-range electric drum kit from Roland.

But before I get into the nitty gritty, first let’s be clear about what this kit is NOT – it’s not a replacement for a full orchestral percussion section.

Nor does it have 10,000 too many complicated EQ settings that will allow you (with 3 hours worth of tweaking, tuning and general messing about) to mimic the unique reverberation and ambience of playing your kit in a cave under water on the moon.

[But you can get pretty close if you want with this kit’s manageable selection of EQ settings].

It is also NOT a cheap e-kit with rubber pads. No-way.

I did a lot of research before buying because I was worried that I might make the wrong decision.

Why? There are a lot of options out there on the market, some with brand names you know and others with names you don’t that look impressive in demos and videos that might be selling you a lot of sizzle (without much steak if you hear what I’m saying).

And because I always have to get the best value / equipment available to me for the amount of money I have to spend – I spent a long time making sure I was getting immense value for money.

For a similar price point I could have bought one of the cheaper rubber pad type Roland models and also bought myself a new Fender Strat with the change.

But that would have been a big mistake.

Because once I tried this kit in-store there is no way I could trick myself into cheaping-out.

Rubber pad kits are no where near in the same league. I wouldn’t go as far as saying they’re kids toys in comparison… But I will say that playing this kit is more fun than you’re supposed to be allowed to have as an adult!

Now, you’ve read this far so you’re interested if not at least curious…

Great, because here is what this kit IS ALL about!

The Roland TD-9KX2 V-drum Kit feels and sounds as good as it looks.

Yes, there are no rubber pads in sight. Instead it comes with larger, adjustable double real feel skinned mesh heads with eye-catching chrome outer rims [BLING!].

The mesh drum heads are made from Roland’s patented kevlar material (it’s a modified version of the magic they put inside bullet proof vests) which means these drums will give you the rebound you are looking for…

AND unlike a traditional drum skin, you could use it as a shield in an old-western style shoot-out…

But (arguably) more importantly — as a drum it will last you years without ever needing to be replaced.

They also stubbornly repel dirt, never require tuning and when unamplified sound about as loud as the grass growing when you hit them (that’s very quiet btw so you’re neighbours will continue to sleep well).

Roland TD-9 Brain

The drum sound module with this kit is the TD-9 (version 2).

No squinting at a small screen — the TD-9 is outfitted with a luxurious, large bright high contrast backlit display with accompanying oversized buttons and controls.

In my opinion the jog-wheel should be renamed the “joy-wheel”. It provides what I’d describe as pleasant muted “bump” as you turn it. Its friendly, icon-based user interface makes editing sounds and customising kits intuitive and easy.

There’s never any guessing as to where you are on the display or menu system when in edit mode, and no mystery as to what any of the icons mean so you’re never going to undo anything unintentionally.

The TD-9 version 2 also comes with 50 different backing tracks built in; all capable of tempo alterations and featuring mutable instrumental-parts so you can really hone in on just nailing the rhythmn section and listening to the bass line or in fact playing along with just the guitar or melody parts and adding your own groove. The tempo control for the backing track does not alter the pitch or timbre of the music when sped up or slowed down – so it’s like playing with a real band – you can even play with a couple of band mates this way along with the tracks, dropping out their instruments on the TD-9 and use the TD-9 brain to fill in the gaps.

The USB port on the original TD9 was only used to play back WAV files. But with this new TD-9 Version 2, you can USB sticks to store your own user kit settings, and also MP3 playback support has been added making it possible to host a larger library of samples and play-along songs on one storage device.

TD-9KX2 Hardware Included with this Sale

The important bit first.

This kit is “as new”.

It was unboxed, set up, used for a drum lesson a couple of times and then boxed again due to a house move where it remained boxed until I set it up for the photos and now it’s boxed again.

So that’s the condition of the kit you’re getting if you
buy it now.

It’s basically factory fresh, indistinguishable from one
straight off the shelf and no one would know otherwise.
Manuals, boxes etc. included.

So why am I selling?

Because I’m moving and don’t want to put this in
storage indefinitely. A lucky other might as well get the
use of it.

So here’s whats included with this sale:

Percussion Sound Module: TD-9 (version 2) x 1
V-Pad (Snare): PD-105BK x 1
V-Pad (Tom 1, Tom 2, Tom 3): PD-85BK x 3
V-Hi-Hat: VH-11 x 1
V-Cymbal Ride: CY-13R x 1
V-Cymbal Crash: CY-12C x 1
Kick Pad: KD-9 x 1
Drum Stand: MDS-9 x 1 (Normally sold separately but
included with the sale here)
* Kick Pedal, Hi-hat Stand and Drum Throne are also
included here but you wouldn’t normally get this in store.

The kick pedal is the high end Yamaha direct drive FP9500C
(it’s one half of the DFP9500C – the double kick equivalent
but I bought only one half). This pedal currently retails
at £160. (The double would set you back £275 but you can buy the parts cheaper to make it up to the other half from Roland).

You can see reviews of the kick pedal here
.htm – it’s a good bit of kit.